Who Should You Sell To?

Selling Through The Middle Man

It happens all the time you end up talking to someone other than the person who needs the product and it seems to end with “I’ll talk with them and get back to you.” If only there was a better way to handle that situation…well as you may have guessed, there is!

On today’s show discover:

  • …how to more effectively build value when you’re talking to the “middle man;
  • …how to uncover emotional hot buttons that have impact;
  • …and how to sell more when someone’s calling or shopping for someone else.
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I’m Calling for Someone Else

Have you ever heard this before?

“I’m calling for my husband” “I heard the ad and wanted to find out more about it for my sister”

In sales, this happens all the time. You find yourself talking to someone other than the person who will be using your product. It’s usually the wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son or friend…some nice person who is doing the leg work and gathering information.

Problem is, this doesn’t fit the sales process. How are you supposed to sell to someone who isn’t there?

If you’ve tried to sell through one person to another you know how hard it is!

The phone rings, you pick it up and greet a customer named Fred. Before long you find out he’s calling for his wife Wilma. So you work with Fred to find out what Wilma needs but it’s hard because you’re not talking with her directly. (and he doesn’t seem to have all the answers)

You paint the best picture you can, but it doesn’t really seem to resonate with him. You go for the close and Fred says “ well that sounds good….I’ll talk it over with Wilma and get back to you.”

BUMMER…lost another one.

You’ve seen top salespeople close these calls so you know it’s possible but what exactly do they do? If you asked them they would tell you  “sell to the person you’re talking to.” In other words they don’t try to sell to Wilma, they sell to Fred.

I know, you’re thinking “well sure if Fred wants to use the product too it’s easy but what if he doesn’t need the product?” No problem, you still sell to Fred….here’s how it works.
You greet Fred and build rapport, as always, and at some point he tells you he’s calling for Wilma. You start asking probing questions to understand Wilma’s needs. So far, the process is the same as always. However, when you start exploring hot buttons you shift your attention to Fred.

Why switch to Fred? Because in-order to make the sale you need to build value and to do it so it’s meaningful for Fred you need his hot buttons. So, you work to understand, on an emotional level, why he wants to help.

Imagine that Fred’s calling because your product might help reduce the pain Wilma has in her back. You might ask Fred how long it’s been a problem for her, what else has she tried, does it seem to be getting worse or better, so you have a better idea of what’s going on with Wilma.
But then as you transition to uncover hot buttons you ask Fred,

“How do you feel when see Wilma suffering with this pain, how would it make you feel if you could do something to take her pain away, how has this pain been affecting you Fred?”

Now you’re uncovering powerful emotional hot buttons and you’re bringing Fred into the sales process.When you build value it has meaning for him.

…“Just imagine seeing Wilma smile again, knowing she feels better, she isn’t in pain and you helped her. Best of all you can go out dancing again like you used to when you first met, she will be so thrilled. Helping her get her life back, is really what’s most important to you isn’t it Fred?”

In the end, you’re helping Fred make a good decision so Wilma can feel better and you made it happen by selling to the person you’re talking to.

Today’s One Two Punch:

Sell to the person you’re talking to, and make more sales

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