Using Third Party Testimonials to Boost Confidence

Using Testimonials

Sharing a positive experience one customer had with your product can help reassure another customer that may need more convincing. Third party testimonials are powerful and carry more weight with customers than your opinion. No offense, but you have something to gain by giving your product a glowing review.  A non-biased, opinion from someone with no “skin in the game” is far more believable.

Review the following Slide Share presentation to discover how to collect testimonials, when to use them and the various benefits you stand to gain from keeping some at the ready.

Slide Transcript

  1. KO Sales Coach What is a third party testimonial? A positive experience one customer had with your product / service or company shared with another customer.
  2. Why is it more convincing? Your testimonial isn’t as convincing because you have something to gain. Another customer has nothing to gain. They are more believable.
  3. It’s effective marketing! Even big companies like Amazon and Apple use third party testimonials to help boost buyer confidence. Have you ever checked out the Amazon reviews before purchasing a product?
  4. Where do you get testimonials? From customer conversations you have. From reviews left on your website.
  5. Prepare Read through testimonials often so you’re familiar with them and can relate them to your customers.
  6. Use testimonials whenever you have a customer that needs some additional reassurance.
  7. To Tell The Truth – Only use TRUE testimonials that you’ve learned about first hand.
  8. Benefits of Using Testimonials
    1. Increases customer confidence in the product  and in the company.
    2. Helps the customer feel connected “they are not alone”


Keeping a couple of testimonials ready is a good strategy for those times you have a customer on the fence. What’s your experience been? Have you used testimonials to help a customer make a buying decision? Has a testimonial ever helped you make a purchase? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.



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