The Sales Process – Proven Steps to Success

The sales process describes a systematic and repeatable approach to selling a product or service.

While there are numerous reasons for having a well-thought-out sales process a few include:

  • seller and buyer risk management,
  • standardized customer experience during the sales interaction, and
  • scale-able revenue generation and
  • more consistent and repeatable success.

Approaching sales from a “process” point of view offers an opportunity to use design and improvement tools to further enhance the success of sales efforts. Tools like:

  • Scripts
  • Offers
  • Packages
  • Specials and promotions

The Sales Process is defined by five major steps, each with a specific goal that leads to a positive outcome.

C customer greeting  – Goal: make a great 1st impression and being to establish rapport

L listen to needs  – Goal: discover your customer’s needs and hot buttons (or the emotional reasons they want to resolve their primary need)

O offer benefits  – Goal: build value in the product by communicating personalized benefits.

S seize the sale  – Goal: Be assumtie and ask for the sale

E end with extras  – Goal: Maximize your opportunity and ensure your customer has everything they need by offering additional products and services.

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