How to Make Way More Money Cross Selling

The ABCs of Cross Selling

Today’s show is brought to you by the letters A, B , C and X because we’re talking about cross selling today and the fundamentals that make it a big money maker for you.  

On today’s show discover:

  • …how cross selling benefits everyone, especially you;
  • …how to cross sell without making your customer cross;
  • …and a simple proven method for cross selling more and making more commission today!

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How to Stand Out with the Best Customer Experience

Best Customer Experience

Competition is great for customers but what about you? How do you stand-out and convince your customer that buying from you is the best option? Well, on today’s show you’ll discover…

  • …why price isn’t the only thing customers consider when deciding where to buy;
  • …how to standout above the competition;  
  • …and ideas for improving your customer’s experience.

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How to Use Free Online Training for Better Results

Finding Time To Train

Does this sound familiar? “I know training is important but I just can’t find the time” If  it does, don’t feel bad.  It’s a very common complaint among today’s sales managers.  In fact, according to 1 The Athletic Mindset:

“Approximately 50% of Sales Managers Don’t Have Time to Train”

Having been a sales manager myself, I know how challenging it can be to find time for training. Fortunately, you have access to numerous free online training resources with articles, tips, and tools to help fill in the gaps.

Is Free Online Training Effective?

Is free online training effective?Online training can be very effective, when utilized properly. Consider these two prime factors:

First, it’s important that the resource is relevant to your sales team. If you manage an inbound call center an article about getting past the gate keeper in a face to face B2B scenario is going to be difficult to relate. Even if there are translatable skills most sales reps won’t make the connection. It’s too different from what they do on a day to day basis.

Second, you need to follow up and reinforce what was learned. No matter how good on-line training is, it will be far more effective supported by live coaching.

So what’s the answer, is free online training effective?  Yes! In fact, according to Aberdeen Research…

Sales managers that provide their teams with on-going training and continuous post training support have 20% more sales reps at or above goal!

How To Use Online Training to Supplement Live Training

I always struggled to find online resources that really spoke to the salespeople I was managing.  I developed KO Sales Coach to give you relevant topics, delivered in brief segments, that help supplement the training and coaching you’re doing with your team.

How does free online training supplement live trainingI want KO Sales Coach to be your “go to” resource when you need extra support or when you’re strapped for time. This saves you from researching, preparing, delivering , and even scheduling training sessions. (whew…that is a lot of work!)

For example:

“Timmy” needs help overcoming the “I want to talk to my doctor” objection.

  • You visit KO Sales Coach, and select “objections” from the category list.
  • You find an article with ideas on how to overcome the objection.
  • You forward the article to Timmy, ask him to review it and put the suggestions into practice.
  • You ask him to check back with you afterwards to talk about how it went. (which gives you the opportunity to coach and support the new skill he’s developing). 

“Sally” is having a difficult time with tie-downs.

  • You visit KO Sales Coach search for the phrase tie-downs and find the “Two Minute Video Training”.
  • You forward the link to Sally and ask her to review the video.
  • Once she’s done, you check in to see what she learned. (another coaching opportunity)

Finding What You Need

I’ve organized KO Sales Coach so you can easily find articles, podcasts, and videos based on the sales process.  You can use the

  • “Getting Started” menu and find content categorized based on the sales process
  • “categories” pull down,
  • the tag cloud at the bottom of the page or
  • even do a search on keywords to find exactly what you want.

Once you find what you feel would be helpful for your agent:

  • print it out,
  • forward the link,
  • or direct them to it.

All of the content has been specifically designed to be consumed quickly so your sales team can get the information right on the sales floor during slow times. This also allows them to put what they’ve learned into practice right away!

Help Me, Help You

free online training infographic

Click on this info graphic for a larger view and links to free online training

Staying up to date with new training topics added to the site makes KO Sales Coach a more valuable resource for you. The good news? Staying current is super easy! Follow these three easy steps to be notified when new content is available.

  1. Subscribe to the FREE email newsletter – I send you a brief notice right to your inbox each week with any new articles, podcasts or videos that have been added to the site.
  2. Subscribe to the Podcast – Every Thursday I release a short new episode. Even if your commute to work is less than 10 minutes you’ll be able to give it a listen on the way in!
  3. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel – I’m adding new Two Minute Training videos all the time. Stay up to date with a quick notice whenever new videos are added.


Free online training resources like KO Sales Coach are a useful tool for managers who are strapped for time and have sales reps that can benefit from additional training.

Are there topics you can’t find on the site that your team could benefit from? Drop me a line or leave a comment below. I’m always looking for new ideas!


1 Source: The Athletic Mindset <>

2 Source: Aberdeen Research <>

The Sales Process – Proven Steps to Success

The sales process describes a systematic and repeatable approach to selling a product or service.

While there are numerous reasons for having a well-thought-out sales process a few include:

  • seller and buyer risk management,
  • standardized customer experience during the sales interaction, and
  • scale-able revenue generation and
  • more consistent and repeatable success.

Approaching sales from a “process” point of view offers an opportunity to use design and improvement tools to further enhance the success of sales efforts. Tools like:

  • Scripts
  • Offers
  • Packages
  • Specials and promotions

The Sales Process is defined by five major steps, each with a specific goal that leads to a positive outcome.

C customer greeting  – Goal: make a great 1st impression and being to establish rapport

L listen to needs  – Goal: discover your customer’s needs and hot buttons (or the emotional reasons they want to resolve their primary need)

O offer benefits  – Goal: build value in the product by communicating personalized benefits.

S seize the sale  – Goal: Be assumtie and ask for the sale

E end with extras  – Goal: Maximize your opportunity and ensure your customer has everything they need by offering additional products and services.

For more on proven tips and strategies to increase your sales success and boost your career sign-up for our FREE KO Sales Coach Weekly Newsletter and GET….

No Shoes On Their Feet

The Impact Your Attitude Has on Your Sales Success

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.”  It’s a compelling quote, because it illustrates the power your attitude has over the actions you take and their eventual outcome.

If you’ve ever heard someone say “I knew that guy wasn’t going to buy” or if you’ve said something like that yourself you may have experienced attitude’s influence on behavior first hand.

The good news is a positive attitude works the same way!

On today’s show discover:

  • …how your attitude and the attitudes of those around you can impact your behavior;
  • … where negative attitudes come from;
  • … 5 things you can do if you feel your attitude slipping away;
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Attitude and Sales Success

Your attitude and the attitudes of those around you influence the things you say, the way you say them and what you do. You may not always be aware of the effect your attitude is having on you but whether you are aware or not it is impacting everything even your sales success!

Often, the effect your attitude has can cause subtle changes in your viewpoint which can either hold you back or move you to great things. Take for example the story of two salesmen who were sent to Africa to investigate whether there was any potential to sell shoes there.

Nobody Wears Shoes

The first salesman reported back, “There is no potential here – nobody wears shoes”

The second salesman reported back, “There is massive potential here – nobody wears shoes.”

This simple story provides one of the best examples of how a single situation may be viewed in two entirely different ways – negatively or positively. Both of these salespeople were being influenced by their attitude. The first saw a problem, the second an opportunity.

Where Do Negative Attitudes Come From?

So where do negative attitudes come from and how can we see more opportunities and less problems?

Jeffrey Gitomer wrote an article called “What Influences Your Attitude”. In the article he suggests several factors that can cause a positive attitude to go south.

  1. First and foremost are the people you hang around with. It’s easy to go negative and start complaining if that’s what the group is doing.
  2. Next is your home, social and work environments. Do you like your job, how do you feel about your boss? Where do you hang out when you’re not working? Are these positive and encouraging environments?
  3. Finally your health can impact your attitude. When you’re in poor health or doing things that worsen your health it can sabotage your attitude

5 Tips for Cultivating a Winning Attitude

So now you know what can influence your attitude but what can you do to maintain a more positive outlook and realize the sales success you want?

1 ) Do What’s Right without Expecting Results

You know what to do. You know the proper techniques and process to make sales and be successful  but when you do those things expecting results every time you’ll be disappointed and that can ruin your attitude. Keep doing what’s right because you know it’s right, you won’t get results every time but over time you will.

2) Use setbacks to improve your skills.

When a customer says no, or they don’t seem to be opening up rather than feeling bad or playing the blame game look back at your actions to see what you can do to improve your performance. Taking control has a more positive impact on your attitude than feeling victimized or at the mercy of someone or something else.

3) Hang Out with Positive People

It’s a scientific fact that you’re wired to imitate the behaviors of those around you. It’s very similar to how we “mirror” customers. So hanging out with positive people will rub off on you. Think about who you’re taking breaks with, who you eat lunch with,and make sure they’re a positive influence. If they aren’t maybe it’s time to change your seat!

4) Visualize Success

When you visualize a goal, it makes you more likely to take the actions necessary to reach it. See yourself on top of the leader-board, winning the contest, or getting the promotion.

5) Take Control of Your Attitude

Change the beliefs that are limiting your success. If you find yourself thinking, “I’m having a bad day” all you’ll see are problems… “I can’t sell shoes, nobody wears shoes”

Instead…change your inner dialog and tell yourself  “I’m having a great day!”…when you do, the problems become opportunities. “nobody wears shoes, I can sell tons of shoes”

You are in control, you can change your attitude, your behavior and your results!

Today’s One Two Punch:

Maintain a positive attitude to seize more opportunities

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