6 Easy Ways to Get into a Conversation

It’s What Happens in Sales

Walk onto any car lot, into any specialty store or call center and you’ll hear conversations taking place. It’s what happens in sales. But having a good conversation and getting one started  is often easier said than done.

On today’s show discover:

  • …6 Tips for Getting a Conversation Started;
  • … how a good conversation can help your customer feel important;
  • … and what you can do through conversation to make your offer more interesting.

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How Spending Time Up Front Makes you Money in the End

The Power of Rapport

Fred’s at a party and across the room he sees the woman of his dreams. He makes his way over to her, looks her in the eye and says “hi I’m Fred, I have a masters degree in English literature, I can bench press 240 pounds and I love opera would you like to go get a cup of coffee?” Now as you may have guessed, Fred generally drinks his coffee alone. He’s got a lot to offer but he cuts to the chase too fast for most people. However, with a little coaching anyone, even Fred could be much more successful.

On today’s show discover:

  • … why getting right down to business is costing you sales
  • … and how spending a little more time at the beginning can make you more money in the end

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It’s Smart to Make Your Customer Feel Smart

We Like Compliments

Just about everyone likes a compliment. It makes you feel good, builds up your confidence and can even make you feel smart. And what about the person who gave you the compliment? What do you think of them? (pretty awesome right?) Giving your customer a compliment and making them feel smart can help you build tremendous rapport! But you have to be careful that your compliments are sincere, appropriate and you’re not saying things that make your customer defensive.

On today’s show discover:

  • … tips for helping your customer feel smart
  • … ways you might be making them feel…not so smart
  • … and how all of this helps you look smarter too!

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Embrace Your Inner Baby and Sell More

A Skill You’ve Had Since You Were a Baby

Ever heard anyone say “she’s a born salesperson or he was born to sell”….maybe they’ve even said that about you? Well, I don’t know whether you were born to sell or not but there is a skill we all learn shortly after we’re born that top salespeople use everyday to excel in sales……

On Today’s Show You’ll discover…

  • … how something you’ve done since you were a baby can help you build stronger rapport with your customers;
  • … help you have a greater understanding of what your they want;
  • … and help you close more sales with a variety of different customer types.

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The Magic Phrase Salespeople Want to Know

What Are They Saying?

In every sales organization there are those salespeople…you know the ones, they’re always on top of the leaderboard. They’re almost legendary and then there are the stories…. “how did she close that sale? That was an impossible situation and somehow he turned it around….I need to know what he’s saying.”

On today’s show discover:

  • … the magic phrase I learned after analyzing the sales presentations of a top salesman;
  • … the secret to turning those impossible situations around;
  • … and how you can close more sales and benefit from what I learned.

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