One Simple way to Increase Customer Engagement

Increase Customer Engagement

If you find customers saying things like “ok, can we get on with this?” or “look I don’t have all day”. You may be spending too much time uncovering and talking about their needs. Read on to discover a simple way to Increase Customer Engagement.

On today’s show discover:

  • Why spending too much time talking about customer needs can be aggravating for your customer;
  • What customers really want to talk about;
  • And how to keep your customers engaged and excited during the sale.

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Hot Buttons Everybody Has One

The Thing You Love The Most

If you had the entire day off, paid and you could do anything what would you do? You know for fun, just for you?

On today’s show discover:

  • … that everyone has a hot button;
  • … why finding your customer’s hot button is so important;
  • …and how connecting with the emotional reason they want your product can make the entire sales process much easier!

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Why Spock Was Wrong about Needs, Wants and Why People Buy

Needs, Wants and Why People Buy

If you have a closet filled with the exact same outfit and you wear it everyday you are either:

  • Steve Jobs,
  • from the future,
  • a consumer who buys strictly what you need based on logic.

If, on the other hand, you have a wide variety of styles and colors in your closet you, like the vast majority of other consumers, make your buying decisions based on emotion and what you want.

On today’s show discover:

  • …how to find out what your customer wants;
  • …how knowing what they want can increase the value of your product and the likelihood they’ll buy it from you.

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You’re Also a Customer

One great advantage you have as a salesperson is you’re also a customer. It makes sense to rely on your experiences as a consumer to excel on the other side of the counter.Think about the last big item you purchased. Maybe it was a car, a house, or a new computer.

When people are shopping for a big ticket items, like a car, they have valid, logical reasons for needing it but they also have specific wants, aspects about a new car that defy logic, things that have a powerful influence over their final decision. It needs to be red, it has to be a FORD, it has to look cool, I want a sunroof.

This influence isn’t limited to large purchases….you even make small purchases based on emotion and what you want.

Why are There so Many Types of Trash Cans?

Have you ever taken a look at how many different types of trash cans there are? There are metal ones, plastic ones, black, red and green ones, trash cans with wheels, with lids that come off and with lids that stay on. Why are there so many different types? It’s just a can to hold trash right?

Well, the only reason we have so many choices as consumers is because we buy what we want. If we only bought based on what we need, we would have just one model,style and color….it would be simple and logical. However, because there are people who want RED trash cans (even though it doesn’t make logical sense) red trash cans are available!

Wants, Needs and Why People Buy

When faced with a purchasing decision Wants generally outweigh Needs and in many cases you may even want something you don’t really need at all. (I don’t know about you but I can think of a dozen things I’ve bought over the years because I wanted them even though I really didn’t need them).

Take jumping out of plane for instance. You don’t NEED a parachute to jump out of a plane, but you probably WANT one! In this case the WANT is WAY more important don’t you think?

It’s Highly Illogical

Why people buy, it's not logicalIt’s common to find sales books that tell you to build value by showing the customer how your product meets their needs. It’s a good place to start but if you really want to excel in sales show them how your product gets them what they want! That’s far more important to your customer.

For this reason, Mr Spock would have been a terrible salesperson. He was WAY too logical. Remember, whatever you’re selling your customer can get in a dozen different places but if you can show them how your product gives them what they want they’ll buy it from you.

How do You do Find out What they Want?

Well, along with the probing questions you ask to find out what they need, incorporate questions to find out what they want and look for that emotional response.


Using a two step process identify your customer’s needs and then understand them.

  • Step one Identify the need with a question like:
    • What prompted you to call in today?
  • Step two understand the need with questions like:
    • How long has that been an issue?
    • What else have you tried?
    • At it’s worst, how bad is the pain?


Now, use the same process to identify your customer’s wants…their hot buttons, the emotional reason they want to resolve their need.

  • Step one identify their wants (or hot-buttons):
    • Once we get rid of that back pain, what’s the first thing you’ll want to do that’s difficult for you to do now?
  • Step two understand their want and especially their emotional attachment with questions like:
    • Why is biking so important to you?
    • How will it feel to be back on your bike again?
    • Where do you like to ride?

Some salespeople struggle with this because it seems counter intuitive…. I’m supposed to be talking about my pain product not about their love of bike riding right? (wrong).

When you discover your customer’s wants a lot of great things happen:

  • You strengthen your connection with them which helps build trust and value (you’re not just another salesperson)
  • You actively engage the customer in the buying process (engaged shoppers become engaged buyers)
  • You have the ability to demonstrate how your product not only meets their needs but also gets them what they want

That makes you and your product far more valuable.

Today’s One Two Punch:

Discover your customer’s wants and create a stronger desire for your product


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