Using AAA to Keep Your Sales Out of The Ditch

Keeping Your Sales on the Road

In this episode of the K.O. Sales Coach we’re talking about a deflection technique you can use to keep your customer interaction heading in the right direction.

On today’s show you’ll discover a proven technique:

  • … to maintain rapport;
  • …to keep control;
  • …and to politely move your customer back to the sales process.

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When Customers Interrupt

Has this ever happened to you ? You meet a customer and you greet them with a big smile on your face but before you can even ask their name they interrupt.
“I just want the price!”
“They said it was free”
“Look, I don’t have time for all your mumbo jumbo just tell me how much it is.”
…and that smile on your face? It deflates like a balloon with a slow leak…. you’ve lost control and you’re bracing for a tough customer interaction.

So, why do customers interrupt anyway? What do they want?

Some customers may interrupt to gain control of the conversation, others may be in a hurry  but almost all of them want to know the price.  But, you know if you give the price before you’ve had a chance to establish value |you’re in danger of driving the whole sales process right into the ditch.  And if you refuse to give the price or ignore the customer you’re in the ditch with an angry customer!  So what do you do….?


There is a proven sales technique that allows you to address the customer’s concern while still maintaining rapport and control of the call. The technique is called AAA and it can keep your sales process on the road  and out of the ditch.

Triple A stands for

  • Acknowledge,
  • Address
  • and Ask.

It’s an easy three step process and it works for virtually any interruption your customer makes at the beginning of the sales process. Most of the time, triple A is all you need to get back on track.

Why Does AAA Work?

First it starts with the acknowledgment, it’s positive, and it let’s your customer know you heard them.  By using their name you’re also reinforcing that you’re just two people talking. It’s not a salesperson to customer conversation. You’re continuing to build rapport.

Next, you address the concern and say something like “I’ll be glad to tell you all about the great promotions we’re running today.”

Finally, you ask a question to maintain control and move back to the sales process. Something like “Did you hear about _Cool Product_on the radio?”

But what if your customer asks again? No problem, you’re still going to use AAA but this time you’re going to be a bit more specific when you address the customer’s concern.

“I understand you want to know the price. I want to make sure that Cool product is right for you. Let me ask a few quick questions. Then we can talk about the promotions you heard about on the radio. What health concern prompted your call?”

Often, this is enough to get the conversation back on track. But occasionally you have a very persistent customer who insists on getting the price. The best thing to do if the customer asks a third time is to give them the price and make your presentation.

Trying to deflect again, three times in a row might damage your rapport and set up a combative situation. However, since you haven’t had a chance to build value or get to know your customer you’re not going to close.  Instead, you’ll ask the next logical question to maintain control and pick up the sales process right where you left off.

Remember, most of the time one deflection is enough to get the customer back on the sales process.
As a deflection technique, AAA is very effective.  But it should only be used when a customer interrupts at the top of the sales process.  Using it to answer a customer’s question or to overcome an objection would be like going through a revolving door with skis on… hard to do and just plain weird.

So now you know how and when to use Triple A to deflect customer interruptions. When you Acknowledge, Address and Ask you maintain rapport and control.

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Use Triple A and Maintain Control

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