The Power of You

Implying Ownership in Sales

If the goal of your sales presentation is for your customer to own it, it would be really helpful if you could get them to start thinking about it as theirs from the beginning right? Well YOU have the power to do just that and…

on today’s show you’ll discover…

  • … how rephrasing your communication can help your customer feel more connected to your product;
  • …how implying ownership throughout the sale can increase your close rate;  
  • …and how even small changes in the way you communicate can have a big impact on your sales success!

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Silence, One of the Best Sales Techniques Ever

Best Sales Technique

Silence is an often overlooked communication tool that top salespeople use to keep their customers engaged and moving toward the close.  

On today’s show you’ll discover…

  • …when to use silence to convert shoppers into buyers;
  • …how to avoid common mistakes and
  • …why silence is One of the Best Sales Techniques Ever;

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I See What You Mean Sensing Your Customer’s Communication Style

Sense Your Customer

Discover how to make a stronger connection with your customer based on the way they see, hear or feel the world.

Two Minute Training Series

If you don’t have much time and you want a little sales boost…check out 2 minute training!

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How to Make More Sales with a Llama

Maintain Sales Control

Have you ever had one of those customers that just seems to run you ragged with questions? What’s in it? Where does it come from? How long have you been selling this? 

If this has happened to you before, you know what it’s like to lose control of the sale.

On today’s show discover:

  • …how to determine who is really in control;
  • …a proven technique for answering customer questions while maintaining rapport;
  • …and how to regain & maintain sales control at any point in the process;  

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Help, My Customer Isn’t Talking

My Customer Isn’t Talking

She just wouldn’t tell me anything. That customer just didn’t want to talk. How am I supposed to build value when they won’t have a conversation with me?  If you’ve ever heard a colleague say things like this or even said these things yourself you may be a victim of a conversation killer. But there is good news…

On today’s show discover:

  • … three different conversation killers that may be impacting your sales;
  • … what to do if your customer isn’t talking;
  • … the very best way to improve customer communication.

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