Analytical Annie, How to Adapt and Make the Sale

The Best Way to Sell to Analytical Buyers

In previous episodes of the show we’ve talked about the different types of buyers you run into in sales. We’ve defined them as Impulse, Skeptical, Control and Analytical Buyers.

They all have their own set of characteristics, likes and dislikes and to be a well rounded salesperson; it’s important you’re able to identify and adjust to each of them.

On today’s show discover:

  • how to recognize an Analytical Buyer;
  • … ideas for adapting your style;
  • … and the best way to sell to Analytical Buyers

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Who is the Analytical Buyer?

How to sell to analytical buyersWouldn’t be nice if customers walked into your store with a big sign around their neck that said “Analytical Annie”, “Impulsive Irma”, “Controlling Carl” or Skeptical Skip”? It certainly would make it a lot easier to know what you’re getting into….but it doesn’t work that way so you need to do a little detective work and pay close attention to the clues you’re given .

Take Analytical Annie for instance. The first thing you notice  is how she presents herself, nothing’s out of place, she’s:

  • direct,
  • organized,
  • prepared
  • and ready to get down to business.

She says hello pleasantly enough but there’s not a lot of friendly chit chat, she wants to get right into the facts.

She’s very detail oriented and like other analytical buyers she might even come off as indecisive at times (but don’t be fooled) analytical buyers are only indecisive when they haven’t gathered all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Annie isn’t someone who likes taking risks…she likes making the right choice, the first time….even if it takes more time. And unlike most of the people you come in contact with, Annie does buy from a logical point of view.

Analytical buyers are rare and that might make them a bit more challenging but with a little practice you’ll be able to spot them, adapt your style and help them make a good buying decision.

What’s the best way to sell to Analytical Buyers?

Well, first you’ll need to be sensitive to her process. Like most analytical buyers Annie has a process she’s comfortable with, because she believes it will lead her to the best decision.

If you treat the questions analytical buyers ask like objections to overcome, you’ll most likely end up losing the sale. I mean think about it…to Annie those questions are an important part of her process and if you attempt to dismiss them and rush to the close you’re really disrespecting her.

….and you know what that means…

No Soup For You!

The best way to approach an analytical buyer is to accept that she may need more information than your typical customer. Be patient and respect her process for decision making.

  • Give her the facts
  • stress rational, logical reason to buy.
  • be accurate and efficient
  • provide studies,
  • testimonials and other data to backup your product claims.
  • And above all else remain professional and let her feel like she’s right.

Once you sense your buyer has reached a point in her process where she’s able to make a decision the best type of close to use is a direct close. But be mindful that timing is everything with an analytical buyer. You need to be sensitive to buying signals so you close at the right time and avoid making her feel rushed.

While many customers can fall in between the lines, almost all will be dominant in one of the four buyer types we’ve covered. Watch and listen carefully to determine if you’re talking with an Impulse, Control, Skeptical or Analytical buyer and adapt your selling style to maximize your chance for success.

Today’s one two punch

Adapt Your Style and Sell to Analytical buyers

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