How to Sell the Dream So Price Isn’t A Concern

No One Can Afford It

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like every customer has a problem with the price? It’s like all of a sudden no one can afford it. It’s a nightmare! Did all the customers get together and conspire to make your job harder or is it possible there’s something you’re doing? What if you could sell something people would pay anything for? That would make it a lot easier right?

On today’s show discover:

  • … how to find out what’s priceless to your customer;
  • … how to position your product so your customer wants to have it at any price;
  • … how to stop selling your product and start selling the dream!

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Focus on The Product?

I thought the best way to sell something was to tell the customer how awesome the product is…isn’t that what it takes? Not really, just hearing how great a product is isn’t enough.  Contrary to popular belief your customer isn’t buying your product they’re buying what your product will do for them.

It helps them sleep, relieves pain or helps them lose weight. Ok that’s pretty good but still not priceless. Depending on the price many people would simply maintain status quo. $100.00 to sleep better? …No thanks….

But what if you could sell the dream….something they would pay any amount to get?

Focus on the Dream

So what are these “dreams”? Well, they’re different for everyone. Maybe it’s being able to walk again, or being independent, maybe it’s spending more time with their children, or getting a promotion, reconnecting with their husband….dreams are as unique and varied as the customers who have them.

Dreams are where your customer wants to go….what they want more than anything and as you may have guessed there is an emotional attachment. That’s what makes them priceless.
$100 to keep my job and get that promotion? Sign me up!

So the dream can change everything

  • …it’s not about getting relief from elbow pain, it’s about being able to play tennis again.
  • …it’s not the sleep, it’s getting ahead at work.
  • …it’s not losing the weight, it’s regaining confidence and finding the love of your life.

Here’s the best part, once you know what their dream is you simply show how your product helps them get it.  I mean your price is totally within the “I would pay anything” range, right?

It’s about the Conversation

But how do you get a total stranger to tell you what their dream is? It comes down to having a conversation which starts with rapport and a connection. As you ask questions to understand their needs (like pain) you listen actively and communicate empathy. You find out how the feel and ask them to elaborate. You start to understand how they want their life to be and why it’s so important to them.

It might sound something like this (after establishing a connection and rapport):

Sls: What brought you in today?

Cust: My elbow hurts and it sounds like your product could make it feel better.

Sls: Sorry to hear about your elbow, I’m sure I can help. How long has it been hurting?

Cust: Almost a year now

Sls: I see, that’s a long time to have to put up with pain like that. It must be frustrating for you.

Cust: Yes, it is frustrating.

Sls: What else have you tried to relieve the pain?

Cust: Mostly over the counter stuff.  It seems to work initially but the pain always comes back.

Sls: So you’re looking for something that will relieve the pain and help resolve the root cause too.

Cust: Yes

Sls: Now, what’s become more difficult for you since you’ve started dealing with this elbow pain?

Cst: You know, just the usual stuff,

Sls: I bet it affects a lot of things. If you woke up tomorrow and the pain was going what would be the first thing you’d want to do?

Cst: Play tennis for sure.

Sls: Ok great! So you’re a tennis player….tell me more about that.

Cst: Well, I just love the game, my dad taught it to me when I was young and it changed my life, helped me get into college and I even met my wife at a Tennis club. Before I started dealing with this elbow pain I used to volunteer downtown working with kids and helping them learn the game too. It made me feel like I was making a difference you know? They even used to call me Tony the Tennis Teacher… I really miss it a lot.

Sls: Wow, it sounds like you must be a great teacher.  It must be so rewarding to make a connection and a difference like that. How would it feel to be able to get back on the tennis courts and start working with the kids again?

Cst: It would be incredible….I really miss it a lot.

So in a relatively short time you know that playing tennis is the dream. It’s emotional because he feels like he’s able to share a gift his dad gave him with others and make a difference.

Now your job just got a lot easier. All you need to do is explain how your product can help relieve his elbow pain and allow him to get back on the courts teaching tennis to his kids.  Afterall, he’d give anything to be able to be Tony the Tennis Teacher again.

Now he’s buying the dream…and because it’s priceless your chances of closing go way up!

Every customer you talk to has a dream and it’s up to you to find it. Does it take a little more time than just explaining how awesome your product is? Yes, but you’ll close more sales and stop dealing with so many price concerns.

Today’s one two punch

Sell the dream and price won’t be an issue


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