The Powerful Secrets of Closing the Sale

Secrets of Closing the Sale

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of salespeople close sales and loose sales. Many times the difference between closing the sale and missing the opportunity comes down to a perceived lack of confidence. I’ll let you in on some powerful secrets top closers know about making sales!

On today’s show you’ll discover…

  • sales closing techniques that communicate confidence
  • … and assumptive variations you can use to write more orders and get to the top of the leader board!

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The “No Neck” Close

The No Neck approach to closing the sale just doesn't workI’ve had the opportunity over many years in sales to see some amazing salespeople work their art. I’ve also seen some missed opportunities. In those cases it’s often the close that makes the difference and a lack of confidence at that point in the process.  You may have seen and heard this too.  It’s the “No Neck Close”…….”So, what do you think, do you want to get it?”  and you see their shoulders go way up by their ears and there neck seems to disappear.

Doesn’t seem like they’re very confident in the product. In fact, it seems like they are wishing and hoping the customer will say yes. Maybe the product isn’t that good? Maybe it’s not the right thing?
More successful closers are different…(aside from being able to see their neck the entire time) they communicate confidence and you hear them say things like. “So which credit card would you like to use today?” It’s a direct, assumptive close and knowing how to use it is one of the most powerful secrets of closing the sale.

Different Sales Closing Techniques

Before we dive into the Direct Close let’s talk about a couple of other assumptive sales closing techniques.

The Indirect Close

The first is the Indirect Close. This is one of several assumptive sales closing techniques that focuses on information indirectly related to, and leading to the customer’s method of payment.

Here are a few Indirect Close examples

“How do you spell your last name?”

“What address would you like me to send your new XYZ  to?”

Notice how assumptive these are. Top salespeople don’t ask “do you want it?” or “would you like to buy it?” because it’s easy to say “no”  assumptive sales closing techniques presume the customer wants to purchase the product and communicates a higher level of confidence.

The Option Close

The next assumptive technique is the Option Close. The option close is a sales favorite and asks the customer to make a choice…and it’s not “do you want it or not?”, it’s “which one do you want?”

Here are some Option close examples:

“Would you like to the blue one or the green one?”

“Would you like the three bottle package or would you rather save the most and get the four plus one free today?”

The Pen Close

Finally there’s an assumptive close which is often used with skeptical buyers.  This technique engages the customer and has them take action, it’s called “The Pen Close.”

Here’s a Pen Close example:

“Mary, grab a pen, I’d like you to write down your customer service number. They are available to answer any questions you have while you’re using the XYZ product.”

Again, all of these closes are assumptive and lead to the Direct Close. The direct close communicates more confidence than any of those previously mentioned. It’s number one on the confidence scale!

Why is the Direct Close so Effective?

Building Rapport in salesLet’s talk about why the direct close is so effective and why top salespeople use it consistently to write more orders and make more commission. Let’s start at the top of the process and think about all of the steps you’ve taken leading up to your closing question…

  • You greeted the customer and made a great 1st impression, you built rapport found a connection and began to establish yourself as trustworthy.
  • You had a conversation, you were a great listener, conveyed empathy and found out about their needs and wants.
  • Then you used your knowledge of the product to show them how it will meet their needs and most importantly help them get what they want.
  • You built personalized value and showed them how your product is the best option,you told them how much it costs and…..because you did all of that the only thing left is to find out how they want to pay for it.

So you ask your direct close….

“Which credit card would you like to put that on today, Tim?”

This communicates BIG confidence…it’s like saying “now that we’ve gone over everything and you can see this is the best option to get what you want I just need to know how you want to pay for it.”

Isn’t That To Pushy?

Top sales people have figured out that it’s all about the confidence a direct close communicates….they got passed feeling it was “pushy”. Sometimes people who are new to sales are uncomfortable asking for the money and feel it’s pushy.

But why should asking for the money seem pushy?….sure if you bi-passed the sales process it would be too pushy…but because you followed the process and you have a product that helps your customer get what they want asking for their method of payment isn’t pushy, it’s the next logical step and it communicates your confidence.

Variations to Use When Closing the Sale

Here’s another secret….you can vary the direct close, still communicate confidence and incorporate elements from some of the other sales closing techniques we talked about earlier.

Here are a couple of examples of Direct Close Variations:

“Tim, how does your last name appear on your credit card”  That would be an example of an Indirectly, Direct close

“Would you like to use a check or credit card today?” This is an example of a Direct Option close

You have several options for assumptively and confidently closing your customers using the direct method.

Building Confidence

Whenever I run into salespeople who know about but don’t use the direct close it’s generally because they aren’t confident. I’ll ask… Are you unsure about the product or is there a portion of the sales process you’re uncomfortable with?

Build Confidence in Your Product

If it’s the product, I recommend doing some research, find out why it’s so special, and what makes it different. Then find and read as many testimonials as you can. Hearing about real people who’ve had success with your product will boost your confidence significantly.

Build Confidence in the Sales Process

If it’s the sales process. Reflect and identify the first part (from the top) that’s a challenge for you. Then, get some additional training, coaching or mentoring. Talk with peers, listen to their customer interactions and practice, until you feel comfortable and can confidently move to the next step.
There is no close that communicates more confidence than the direct close, it’s one of the Powerful Secrets of Closing the Sale top salespeople have known for a long time and now you know it too!

Today’s One Two Punch:

Communicate Confidence;  and Close more Sales,  Directly

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