5 Ways a Sales Script Can Make You More Money

Everybody Uses a Script

If you’re in sales chances are really good you have a sales script. Even in face to face sales you have a consistent “pitch”, a standard way you greet your customer and a consistent way to answer the phone.  In phone sales the script is even more important, because you have to rely heavily on the words you use to convey value and close.  If you aren’t taking full advantage of your script you’re missing out on a powerful sales tool. Not using it could be costing you money.

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  • …5 Ways your Sales Script Can Make You More Money this year

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A lot of business is conducted over the phone so no matter what type of sales you do, knowing how to use a sales script is important.  In fact,here are 5 ways using a sales script can make you more money right now.

One: You avoid the pain and time of going through the trial and error process.

Script UseYour sales script is the culmination of all the mistakes others made before you. That’s a great thing, because you don’t have to go through the process of making those mistakes yourself.

Here’s an example: When customers called in for a health product we used to ask:

“What did you hear on the radio that prompted your call?” And even though we wanted to understand their need and health concern they would say things like “they said to call in the next ten minutes” or “they said I’d get a free book”.

(not what we were looking for)

So we changed it and we said

“What did the Doctor talk about on the radio that prompted your call?”  And we got responses like “they said to call in the next ten minutes” or “they said I’d get a free book”.

(still not what we were looking for)

So then we changed it again to

“What health concern did the Doctor talk about on the radio that prompted your call?”

…and suddenly we started getting more of the responses we were looking for. Every part of your sales script has evolved just like this over time. It’s written the way it’s written, because it works.

So what does this do for you? It helps you avoid losing sales trying to find the right thing to say and gets you making more sales, more quickly, right now!

Two: You get to talk to and help more customers

When you’re using a well crafted script it helps you move efficiently through the sales process. Your script helps you provide just the right amount of important information at the right time.

Without the script to guide you, it’s easy to drift into areas that take time and don’t add any real value. You might also leave out important details and drift further away from the close. Your script is written to provide the critical information the vast majority of customers need to make a buying decision. No more, no less. It’s also designed to keep you on track and moving toward the close in a logical and proven method.

So what does this do for you? When you’re on script you’re more efficient and effective so you’ll talk to more customers and close more sales!

Three: You provide better, more accurate information

When you have a lot of products to sell it’s easy to get confused and without a script to rely on you may inadvertently give your customer the wrong information. Staying on script helps ensure you’re providing accurate details and setting realistic expectations for your customer. This helps your customer make an informed decision and , with realistic expectations, they’re more likely to be happy with their purchase. That means fewer returns for you!

Four: You sound more confident

confidenceHave you ever listened to yourself on a recording, maybe after leaving someone a message? Sometimes, when you’re “winging it” there are a lot of “ahs” and “ums” in your communication. These stalls are the result of your brain not catching up with your mouth.  On the other hand, when you’re using your script you sound more confident and customer’s like that.

Five: You use proven phrases, words and ask questions that get results

This is pretty similar to the first point but over the years we’ve discovered the words and phrase that are helpful to the sales process and those we want to avoid.

For example:

We know the word “cheap” devalues the product. Which is why your script says “most affordable”

“Most expensive” doesn’t work as well as “best value”

“If it doesn’t work for you” causes your customer to imagine it not working for them so instead we say “we’re so confident you love it” which helps customers feel more at ease.

We know that asking “How long has this been an issue for you?” encourages the customer to talk where “Have you had this pain for a long time?” generally doesn’t engage the customer in conversation.

Why are Some Reluctant to use a Sales Script?

Sure, each customer is unique and it would be impossible to script an entire conversation. You need to rely on your listening and communication skills to have a meaningful conversation but the script is always there for you to come back to, and to keep you on track.

So why are some salespeople reluctant to use a sales script? One reason is they don’t want to sound like they’re reading a script. Which makes sense and if you never practice it might sound like you’re reading but it’s not hard to make a script sound very natural after reading through it a few times.

Professionals Do It All The Time

You’re serious about your sales career and you devote time to learning about the products you sell and developing new skills. Why should your sales script be any different? Knowing how to use your sales script so you sound natural is another sales skill.Professionals in all walks of life use scripts and practice so they sound conversational. News anchors, Actors, Salespeople there’s no difference.

In the end, knowing how to use your script will allow you to help more people, make more sales and make more money for yourself.

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Use a Script to Increase sales


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