The 10 Worst Rebuttals of All Time

Worst Rebuttals

Facing objections is a fact of life in sales and there are good, effective rebuttals and then those others that just don’t work. So why do salespeople keep using them? Great question! 

On today’s show discover:

  • … why some of the worst rebuttals simply don’t work;
  • … more effective rebuttals that will help you confidently answer customer objections and close more sales.

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What we know about why people buy

There are a couple of things we know about why people buy.

  1. The first is that people buy from people they like and trust.
  2. and second we know that for a sale to take place customers need to see value.

As you go through this list of rebuttals pay attention to whether they support or undermine trust and value.

The 10 Worst Rebuttals of All Time

#10 “You like saving money don’t you?”

#9 “Literature is like reading books and you don’t read books. So how is that going to help you?”

#8 “What, you can’t make a decision on your own? You didn’t have to ask to make the call did you?”

#7  “Yeah, but if it doesn’t work you can just send it back”

#6 “Why Not?”

#5 “are you sure?”

#4 “I don’t believe you, you’re not going to call back.”

#3 “Why, is it just too much money for you?”  

#2 “It’s not FREE it’s risk FREE…just because you see milk in the store that’s fat free doesn’t mean you can walk out with it, right?”

#1 “No it’s not, It’s less than a dollar a day”

Better Options

Most of the rebuttals on the list are missing the Agree step. Many are also condescending and / or aggressive. Most of these won’t make your customer feel smart and will probably put them on the defensive. These rebuttals are going to damage your rapport. So what are better options? 

Start with the Agree step

Start your rebuttals with the agree step. As you know, the agree step helps you maintain rapport and prevents your customer from getting defensive. If it feels like an argument, customers stop listening and start thinking about what they’ll say next.

Isolate to determine the real objection

Next, isolate to understand the real objection. It’s hard to overcome an objection if you don’t know what the real issues is. Isolate and give your customer a couple of options to choose from

All customers object for one of three reasons.

  • Money
  • Value
  • Skepticism

…and of those three it’s almost always Value or Skepticism. Unless you’re selling a high ticket item like a house or a car the majority of the time a customer says “it’s too expensive” they mean “you’ve haven’t shown me why it’s worth what you’re asking”…..

Use ART to rebuild value

In episode 7 “Why Spock was Wrong about Needs, Wants and Why People Buy” we talked about how people buy for emotional reasons, not logical ones.

Use ART to rebuild value, move away from price and get back to talking about the emotional reasons your customer wants the product. ART stands for  Agree, Remind, Tie-Down

Here’s how it works:

First Agree

Then Remind them of situation they need to fix

Then Remind them of how their life could be once they’re able to take advantage of your product

Then Tie-Down

and finally close.


Is it possible to hit a baseball with your eyes closed? Yes, but can you do it consistently? No. The same is true for bad rebuttals…it’s possible a customer will purchase even after a bad rebuttal but the vast majority of the time these bad rebuttals just don’t work.

However, using:

  • the Agree Step,
  • Isolating the real concern,
  • and then rebuilding value is a proven method for overcoming objections effectively and consistently.

Today’s one two punch

Rebut Effectively – Make More Sales

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