Hot Buttons Everybody Has One

The Thing You Love The Most

If you had the entire day off, paid and you could do anything what would you do? You know for fun, just for you?

On today’s show discover:

  • … that everyone has a hot button;
  • … why finding your customer’s hot button is so important;
  • …and how connecting with the emotional reason they want your product can make the entire sales process much easier!

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What Are Hot Buttons?

Whenever I think about hot buttons I think of that Big Red EASY button you may have seen in some ads on TV. I think of that because hot buttons make the sales process much easier.

Hot Buttons are the emotional reasons customers want your product and believe it or not, they are WAY more important than the logical reasons they want it. In fact, we did an entire episode on that called Why Mr Spock Was Wrong about Why People Buy.

Don’t get me wrong, getting a hot button doesn’t guarantee a sale and you can certainly make sales without them but when you get one the entire sales process gets much easier. The reason? Because you’re able to connect your product to what’s most important in your customer’s life!

Needs and Hot Buttons What’s the Difference?

needs are just the tip of the icebergWhen you first think about how hot buttons relate to sales it’s easy to get confused between needs and hot buttons. I mean just about every sales course out there talks about finding out what your customer needs. That is important but needs are just the tip of the iceberg.

Way below the surface are the hot buttons and just like an iceberg those hot buttons under the surface over-shadow the needs on top of the water when it comes to building value in your product.

Let’s say you’re talking with Nancy and she tells you she’s interested in your product because she’s having a hard time sleeping at night. So you know why she needs your product, she has trouble sleeping.

The question is; what’s her hot button? It’s not trouble sleeping, there really isn’t anything emotional about that. But let’s say through the course of your conversation you find out that this lack of sleep has changed her personality, she’s become short tempered, and it’s affecting the relationship she has with her husband.

  • They aren’t as close as they were,
  • they aren’t doing things together,
  • and she’s really concerned that they’re drifting apart.

Now, that is emotional, now you’re product isn’t about getting a better night’s sleep, it’s about getting close with her husband again and having the kind of relationship she wants.

How Hot Buttons Help You Build Value

Let’s go back to your paid day off. What did you decide to do? Whatever that thing is, that’s your hot button. It’s what you would do because you love it so much.

Maybe you would spend the day

  • reading,
  • riding your bike with your husband,
  • playing with your kids,
  • hiking with your wife,
  • playing golf or any number of things.

Now ask yourself;  why do you love that so much? Maybe, you love spending time with your kids because it reminds you of times you spent with your parents. Perhaps you love reading because it let’s you escape the stresses in your life and dream.

Now, imagine for a second that something happened that prevented you from ever doing the thing you love ever again. How would you feel?

  • Devastated?  
  • Angry?
  • Upset?
  • Frustrated?
  • Determined?

And if there was a product that could help you get back to doing it again, how much would you pay? When I’m training and I ask this question most people say “I would pay anything”.

That’s how a hot button increases the value of your product. When you learn your customer’s hot button and why it’s so important to them (emotionally)  you help them see the big picture. It’s not about the knee pain, it’s about being able to take those long walks on the beach with their daughter again. That’s really what they’re buying.

How to Find Hot Buttons

Let’s talk for a second about how you find that hot button. There are really just three things you need:

1  Rapport – you have to establish rapport so your customer likes and trusts you.

2 Empathy – when you communicate with sincere empathy it helps your customer feel understood and strengthens your connection.

3 Open ended questions – so you’re customer is involved and encouraged to share.

When I asked how you would feel if you were unable to do the thing you love chances are you responded with an emotion like frustrated. Because you can imagine how you would feel you can empathize with how your customer is feeling.  

What about the questions?

During your conversation after you’ve discovered your customer’s needs you’ll ask a question like  “Once we resolve your pain what will you be able to do that you’re struggling with now?” Or “how has this situation changed things for you on a daily basis?”

Once your customer provides a title for their hot button like “walking on the beach” it’s your job to find out more. “Tell me why walking on the beach is so important to you?”  Then encourage them to share some emotion about it. “How would it make you feel to be able to do that again?”

Once you have a good understanding of their hot button and why it’s so important it becomes much easier to build value in your product.  For example, after you share information about your product and how it can help her sleep,  you can build tremendous value by aligning your product to what’s most important to Nancy.

“ ….Nancy just imagine how great it will feel to finally be able to get a good night’s sleep again and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. You get out of bed, get ready for your day and you’re in a great mood. You have a nice conversation with your husband over breakfast, and at the end of the day you still have enough energy to stay up and watch a movie together; like you used to. You’re reconnecting and getting your relationship back! In the end, that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?”

When you align your product with what’s most important to your customer the price becomes insignificant.  Remember, they would pay anything to reclaim that part of their life.

Getting good at uncovering and understanding Hot Buttons is the very best way for you to help people and increase your sales at the same time.

Today’s One Two Punch

Hot Buttons Makes the Sales Process Easier

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