How to Grow Your Comfort Zone

The Roast Beef Story

Roast Beef StoryA mother was showing her daughter how to make pot roast. “First, we need to cut off both ends.”

The little girl looked at her mother and said “Why?”

To which her mother replied, “well that’s the way we’ve always done it but come to think of it I don’t know why either. Let’s call your grandmother and ask her.”

The girl dialed the phone. “Hi Grandma, why do we cut the ends of the pot roast ?”

Her grandmother thought and then said “Well, we’ve always done it that way, it’s how my mother taught me and how I taught your mother. Actually, I really don’t know why. Why don’t you call your great-grandmother and ask her.”

The little girl hung up and dialed her great grandmother. “Hello great granny, why do we cut the ends off the pot roast?” The great grandmother thought and replied “Well, back when I taught your grandmother how to cook the oven was too small and it wouldn’t fit otherwise.”

The point of the story? Just because you’ve always done it that way, doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it.

On today’s show discover:

  • …why “because that’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t always a good reason;
  • … why it’s important for your success to try new things and get a little uncomfortable;
  • … and how to get out of your comfort zone to realize greater success

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Three Zones

Comfort Zone

Well, it’s that place where you feel in-control, it’s safe and you’re operating with very little stress or anxiety. For example if you were sitting on the couch and talking with your oldest, best friend you’d probably be in your comfort zone.

Uncomfortable Zone

Now, take away the couch and replace it with a conference room. You’re not sitting on the couch anymore you’re standing at the front. Poof, your friend is gone and instead you’re looking at 10 people all sitting around the table, facing you and waiting to hear what you have to say. For some, this might be “Outside the comfort Zone” you have a little anxiety, this isn’t something you’re used to doing but you’ll get through it.

Danger Zone

Now take away the room and replace it with a huge theater. You’re no longer standing at the front, you’re on stage and the 10 people you were talking to turn into a crowd of 10,000 people all waiting to hear you speak. For most of us this would be the danger zone! In a situation like this you might be terrified, very nervous, you’re sweating, you’re heart is racing and you’re having serious doubts about whether you can do this or not.
Now going from your comfort zone to your danger zone is probably too much of a leap for most of us. However, stepping outside your comfort zone is absolutely something you have, can and should be doing on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

All your goals and ambitions are waiting for you just outside your comfort zone. But you already know that because over the course of your life you’ve stepped outside of the zone before and some important things have happened when you did like:  

  • Your first day of school,
  • your first kiss,
  • your first job,
  • going to college,
  • moving out on your own and more.

Anytime you’ve made progress and grown as a person you did it by first stepping outside your comfort zone.

How Your Comfort Zone Relates to Your Sales Career

Much of what you do now may seem pretty routine but at one time just talking to a customer might have been uncomfortable for you, or asking for the sale made you nervous but now you do these things and they seem very natural.

Think about your comfort zone as a circle and inside the circle are all the things you do that are comfortable, and routine. Now, just outside the circle is that place were those things that are a bit uncomfortable for you are located. They’re not too far away, just outside the circle.

When you start doing those things (like talking to customers) it’s uncomfortable at first but you stick with it and before you know it talking to customers is pretty easy. What happened? You and your circle grew and now that spot just outside the circle is inside your comfort zone.

How do You Grow Your Comfort Zone?

First you need to be open to trying new things and not dismissing them just because they’re uncomfortable. (that’s how things feel when you’re outside the zone). Expose yourself to new ideas and new ways of thinking and get good at making a connection between the sales techniques you read about and how they relate to your job.  

Next, take a look at what you’re doing now. Are there opportunities to do things differently? Try a new approach, change your presentation, or how you handle a certain objection. Remember to experiment and try things even if they feel uncomfortable at first, you’re likely to find something that significantly impacts your performance.

Another thing about comfort zones….the longer you stay in them the harder it is to break free. I’ve seen it before, a coach gives someone who is struggling to overcome an objection a new approach to try. They say… that doesn’t seem like something I’d say, I’m just going to stick with my way. (Of course it doesn’t sound like something you’d say, you’re not saying it now!)

If you truly want to make more sales, make more money and be successful in whatever you do you’ll need to take a step outside your comfort zone.

Marcus Taylor founder of Venture Habour says…

“If you want something you don’t already have, you need to do something you haven’t already done.”  – Marcus Taylor

Today’s one two punch

Get Uncomfortable and have More Success


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