The Importance of Belief in Sales

Are You Sold?

You spend all day helping educate your customers so they believe your product will help them…but are you sold? Do you believe?

On today’s show discover:

  • …why it’s so important to believe in what you’re selling;
  • …three ideas for strengthening your belief in your product and
  • … three ideas for strengthening your belief in yourself.  

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Risky Business

waiterYou’re going to the movies and you’re really looking forward to it but there’s a risk. What if you buy that expensive movie ticket and the movie isn’t good?

After the movie you decide to take your date to dinner and you head to a new restaurant in town. You look over the menu to decide what you want and this is risky too. What if you don’t like the entree you select?

When you’re engaged in the buying process there can be an element of risk and the more risky it seems the less likely you’ll buy. As a salesperson you can either increase this feeling of risk or decrease it and a lot of that has to do with your belief in your product and yourself.

Back to the restaurant….you’re considering the Chicken Alfredo. So you ask the waiter for their opinion.

“Yes, I’m thinking about trying the Chicken Alfredo, is it good?”

Waiter A ( Alan): “Yes it is, you’ll probably like it.”

Now, let’s try it again with a different response.

Waiter B (Bruce) : “It’s fantastic, if you like Chicken Alfredo…you’re going to love this!”

So based on the way they answered who would you say has more belief in the product? Alan or Bruce? The funny thing is if you asked both of them they’d tell you they believe in the product but clearly Bruce has a stronger belief and it comes across in the way he communicates.  I’ll bet Bruce also sells more Chicken Alfredo.

When you don’t believe; people can tell and when they sense you’re not sure….they’re less likely to buy.  

You Can Hear Disbelief

Salespeople who don’t believe often say things like “it’s 164.60 and that breaks down to less than a dollar a day.” This tells customers you don’t think it’s worth the price otherwise why would you be trying to justify it by breaking it down into smaller pieces? When you believe in your product there’s no need to “breakdown” your price. “It’s just 164.60”  

How about this one? “If it doesn’t work, just return it”  only someone who isn’t sure about their product would say this. Sounds like it might not work. Remember if you doubt it, your customer will doubt it.

When you have belief in your product you say things like “I’m so confident this is going to workout for you, I back it with a 30 day money back guarantee”

Here’s another one “Does this sound like something you might want to do?”  Saying “might” makes this sound weak…it’s almost like saying “most people I talk to don’t want to do this but I thought maybe you would be different, so do you think you might want to try it?”

Having belief in your product makes it much easier to ask for the sale assumptively. “Where would you like me to send your new XYZ, Tim?”

Three Ideas for Strengthening Belief in Your Product

  1. The first thing to do is read testimonials. Reading about other people who’ve had success is a great way to reinforce how your product helps improve people’s lives! (I’d suggest reading a different testimonial everyday).
  2. Next, do some research and find out what makes your product different and better than other options. While you never want to talk bad about the competition knowing how your’s is different can help strengthen your belief.
  3. Finally, use the product yourself and get first hand experience. Nothing works better to build your belief than first hand experience.

Three Ideas for Strengthening Belief in Yourself

  1. Keep track of your successes. When you have a great sale or a customer compliments you jot it down somewhere. Keep a little “I’m great journal”. Reviewing nice things people have said about you; or reliving big successes you’ve had, can really boost your confidence.   
  2. Start everyday by thanking someone. It’s amazing how your outlook can change when you start each day thanking someone else. When you express gratitude to those around you it can clear your mind and help you feel much better about yourself too!  Also, when you take the time to notice what somebody else is doing and you congratulate them, you’ll suddenly find yourself being more aware of all the things you do well!
  3. Set Goals: Set some goals you know you can accomplish early in the week. Success breeds success so setting goals you can accomplish early can boost your confidence big time! While you should still have long term goals these short term goals work to keep you moving forward with confidence!


Taking time everyday to strengthen your belief can go a long way toward reducing your customer’s feeling of risk and increasing your sales success!

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