The Secret to Mastering the Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation Has Nothing to do with Speaking

In sales we often hear about the “ART of Conversation” but did you know mastering it has nothing to do with speaking?

On today’s show you’ll discover:

  • The secret to mastering the “Art of Conversation” and how to…
  • …make a stronger connection with customers;
  • …gain valuable insight into their needs and wants;
  • …and develop the trust they need in you to make the sale.

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A Most Interesting Conversationalist

Chances are you’ve heard of Dale Carnegie. Among other things, he was the author of the best selling book  “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

In the book, he  tells a story about a dinner party he once attended. At the party, he sat near a botanist. Dale Carnegie was always interested in plants so he began a conversation. He was fascinated and listened intently as the botanist talked about indoor gardens and even shared interesting facts about potatoes.

The botanist talked for hours and Mr. Carnegie listened. When the party was over, the botanist thanked the host and paid Mr. Carnegie a compliment saying he was a “most interesting conversationalist.” (An interesting compliment considering Dale Carnegie simply listened to the botanist).

The ART of Conversation

The story shows how important it is for people to be heard. To master the art of conversation means mastering the art of listening. Top salespeople are great listeners but they also have a secret. They know people want to be heard but they also know people want to be understood.

The big secret? Empathic Listening. It’s simple, It’s just combining empathy with Active Listening.

Empathy and Active Listening

As you know, empathy is the ability to understand how someone else is feeling, to walk a mile in their shoes. When you can communicate empathically with your customer, you strengthen your rapport and make a strong connection.

Active listening is simply repeating back what your customer said  in your own words.  Active listening helps you clarify information and let’s your customer know you’re listening.

Empathic Listening is a skill that takes time to develop but, if you really listen, work to understand how the other person is feeling, and practice, you’ll make stronger connections with your customers and more sales!

Today’s One Two Punch:

Use empathy and active listening to make stronger connections and more sales!

A Funny Episode of Everybody Loves Raymond – Active Listening!

These are great clips from Everybody Loves Raymond demonstrating how empathic listening works as an effective method of communication.

Part 1

Part 2

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