Master The ART of Closing Sales

Customers are going to object

Let’s face it, in sales customers are going to object. It’s just the way it is however when we know it’s going to happen we can prepare. Effectively, overcoming objections is an ART and today you’re going to discover how to use ART to help more people and make more sales!

What is ART?

A.R.T is a technique for answering a customer’s initial objection by reminding them about what’s most important to them. What was the real reason they called and responded to the ad?

ART stands for:

  • Acknowledge
  • Remind
  • Tie-down

A Smoke Screen

Generally the customer’s first objection is just a smoke screen, (an excuse). Use the ART of closing to help remind your customer why they called and what is really most important.

ART is like a brief review of the call!






ART needs paint

ART requires a hot button. Attempting ART without a hot button is like painting with no paint. Work hard early in the process to uncover and learn about the customer’s hot button.

Like any professional to be a MASTER you need to practice your ART!



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