It’s Smart to Make Your Customer Feel Smart

We Like Compliments

Just about everyone likes a compliment. It makes you feel good, builds up your confidence and can even make you feel smart. And what about the person who gave you the compliment? What do you think of them? (pretty awesome right?) Giving your customer a compliment and making them feel smart can help you build tremendous rapport! But you have to be careful that your compliments are sincere, appropriate and you’re not saying things that make your customer defensive.

On today’s show discover:

  • … tips for helping your customer feel smart
  • … ways you might be making them feel…not so smart
  • … and how all of this helps you look smarter too!

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How To Make Your Customer Feel Smart

You’ve heard it before, people buy from people they know, like and trust and what better way to get someone to like you then by making them feel smart. Here are a few ways you can help your customer feel smart.

Acknowledge the Smart Things They Say

smartYou know customers are pretty savvy these days and many of them have done their homework long before they got to you! As a result,  they’re going to ask intelligent questions and raise insightful points during your conversation. When they do acknowledge it and help them feel smart.
When your customer says “I know rancid fish oil isn’t that beneficial, what process do you use to ensure freshness?”

Rather than just answering the question, acknowledge what they said with something like:

  • “That’s a good point … “
  • “You’ve keyed in on a really important issue and I’m glad you did … “
  • “I’m glad you brought that up … “
  • “you’ve focused in on something most people overlook … “
  • “That’s a great question…”

…and then answer the question. You’ve complimented your customer  and they’ll feel smart  and be more receptive to your answer!

“That’s a great question”….it’s a phrase that, in my opinion, is overused and often used inappropriately. Use it sparingly and only when your customer truly asks a great question otherwise it may seem insincere and ruin the trust you’re trying to build.

Take Notes

People love to see their words being written down, (it let’s them know you value what they have to say) and that can make them feel smart and important. When you’re on the phone, paraphrasing what your customer said let’s them know you’re listening and that what they have to say is important. Taking notes also helps you keep track of critical information you’ll need throughout the sales process.

Compliment them on Decisions and Accomplishments

Show your customer you admire their abilities or what they’ve achieved with a good old-fashioned compliment. Just make sure your praise is genuine; if people feel like you’re trying to butter them up, you’ll do the relationship more harm than good.

Let’s say you find out your customer is a school teacher. Sincerely saying something like “ You know, I really admire what you do, I had several teachers who had a big impact on my life. It must be so rewarding to know you’re making a difference like that.” Or maybe they’re calling because they want to improve their health. “Mary, you’re making a great decision to call in today and even more you’re taking action and that’s fantastic.”

Make Your Customer Feel Smart by Avoiding These Pitfalls

Avoid Using Company or Industry Jargon

This is a tough one because you might be doing it without realizing it. I’ve heard sales people say things like, let me sign you up for HD ok? Or just call CS if you need to return and they can give you an RMA number. Customers who don’t understand what you’re offering will be afraid of making a poor choice, and reluctant to buy. Instead, take time to spell out acronyms and use plain language to explain the benefits of your product.

Avoid Talking Down a Product They’re Using Now

You know it’s never a good idea to go negative so avoid talking down other products they’ve used, decisions they’ve made or advice they’ve listened to. (this is not going to help them feel smart or like you)

Imagine how you would feel if a salesperson asked

  • “What have you tried already?”
  • “I’ve been using Bob’s Floor Wax and Stain Remover”  then they reply
  • “ Oh that’s a terrible product”

A comment like that wouldn’t make your customer feel very smart and may even put them on the defensive. In either case it’s moving your customer away from liking you and away from buying your product.

Instead, stay focused on talking about the benefits of your product.

  • “What have you tried already?”
  • “I’ve been using Bob’s Floor Wax and Stain Remover”
  • “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that. You know our product is made from 100% Bees wax so it’s safe for children and pets.”


People like to feel smart. When you help your customer feel good about themselves, there’s a stronger chance they’ll like you and purchase from you.

So remember to:

  • Acknowledge the Smart Things They Say
  • Take Notes
  • Compliment them on Decisions and Accomplishments
  • Avoid Using company or industry jargon
  • Avoid Talking down a product they’re using now

Today’s One Two Punch

It’s SMART to help your customer feel SMART


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