When Less is More in Sales

When Less is More

Despite what some may tell you more isn’t always better. Like adding more soap to your washing machine. The clothes won’t be any cleaner but you’ll have a BIG mess of bubbles to clean up.  To say less is more might seem like a contradiction, but what it really means is that less is more effective. In general it means “don’t overdo it.”

On today’s show discover:

  • Prime times during the sales process when less is more!
  • …and why talking less…can mean more money for you!

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I remember being a new salesperson and thinking that the key to making great sales was to know a lot about the product and share all of it with my customers. Seemed like a logical approach…just pepper the customer with information until they give up. Well, I pretty quickly figured out that was a terrible plan. I just ended up talking customers right out the door and my sales numbers went with them!

Overtime I came to realize that a more effective approach was to provide just the information necessary for them to make a good decision.

Here some examples of times when less is more in sales.

1 When providing features and benefits…less is more.

Bombarding your customer with every feature and benefit your product delivers can cause them to lose their enthusiasm and become confused.

When you take the “less is more approach”  you narrow your presentation to just the features and benefits that are compelling and unique to them. This helps maintain their enthusiasm and keeps you moving toward the sale.

Now, it’s a little harder to narrow your presentation because you need to invest some time upfront and find out about their needs; but it’s time well spent.

2 When providing options…less is more

Confusion is to sales what kryptonite is to superman. Confusion kills sales and when you give your customer too many choices they can easily become overwhelmed.

In a recent chocolate study, researchers found a difference in the way people felt about choosing a chocolate based on how many options they were given. One group was asked to make a selection from 30 chocolates and another group from a selection of 6. They found that many shoppers experience frustration with complex choice-making processes.  Not only that they feel dissatisfied with their choice when faced with too many options.

If a lot of your sales presentations end with the customer “needing to think about it” you may be providing too much information or too many options.

Consider keeping some options in your “back pocket” rather than laying them all out at once. Afterall, your customer is counting on you to help them make the right choice so offer the one that truly meets their needs. Then respond with your backup option only if there are new needs or new budget considerations that come up.

3 When answering a question less is more

Your customer asks a simple question and it deserves a simple answer so it keep it brief and direct.Long answers often contain unnecessary information that moves your conversation away from the sale. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a salesperson lose a sale by elaborating too much, when all they needed to do was simply answer the question.

When your answer goes on and on you seem less informed and less credible. It can also cause your customer to tune out and stop listening. So when you’re asked a question be direct and provide just the information required to answer it.

4 When closing the sale less is more

Great salespeople understand the 80 / 20 rule which says you should be doing 20% of the talking and 80% of the listening. When you do talk, most of what you say should come out in the form of questions. By keeping your customer engaged in the process you’ll be able to focus your presentation on just the features and benefits most important to them. Ask them for the sale and then let them speak. Avoid talking over their decision. Once you ask your closing question, close your mouth, to close more sales.

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