How Your Customer’s Imagination Helps You Sell More

The Test Drive

thoughtful imaginationIf you’ve ever purchased a new car you know how important the test drive is. You need to know how the vehicle performs but something even more powerful happens during your time behind the wheel, your imagination starts working. While you’re driving you start to imagine what it would be like to:

  • drive this car to work;
  • go out to dinner in this car;
  • pull up at your best friend’s house in this car;
  • and even take a road trip in this car.

As a salesperson, you know the “test drive” is an important part of the sales process but how do you let your customer “test drive” when you’re selling over the phone?

It’s all about “painting a picture” and helping your customer imagine what it will be like to enjoy the benefits of your product. The imagination is powerful because it gets to the emotional part of the buying process. It’s not just about the features or benefits any more, it’s about the impact on their life!

The Power of Your Imagination

john-lennon-imagineWhen John Lennon wanted to sell the idea of peace on earth and an end to war he asked us to “imagine”. “Imagine all the people, sharing all the world”. It’s an idea you can see, experience and buy into.

Even the most popular TV shows of all time like Seinfeld relied on the power of your imagination to sell you on tuning in every week. Every Seinfeld episode was another funny situation you could imagine being a part of.

In fact, Seinfeld is such a good example Hubspot recently did an entire article about the show’s connection to what we do in sales:

The connection to sales is that we have a much greater chance of getting someone to take action when they place themselves in a situation where they see and feel a problem or pain. And when they do this, they are much more likely to be receptive to our description of the situation they’d ideally want.”  – Curated from

Spark Your Customer’s Imagination

When you verbally take your customer on a test drive, put them in the picture using what you learned during the “Listen to Needs” portion of your conversation. Help them re-live how their life is now and the problems they’re facing. Then ask them to “imagine…” as you describe the life they want and the success they’ll get using your product.


The imagination is a powerful thing and something we all use as part of the buying process. Help put your customer in the picture and take them for a “test drive”. When they begin to imagine the life they want and see how your product fits in your chances of closing the sale go way up, imagine that!



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