4 Simple Ways to Overcome “I Can’t Sell”

I Don’t Want to Be a Salesperson

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone tell me “selling isn’t my job”, “I can’t sell” or “I don’t want to be a salesperson.” Funny thing is, most of them were hired as salespeople!  So why would they say “I don’t want to be a salesperson?” For many, it’s based on what they perceive a salesperson to be!

Usually, after spending some quality time talking it through, you find out they feel like a salesperson is someone who tricks a customer into buying something they don’t want. I’ll let you in on a little secret, If that were true, I wouldn’t want to sell either.  Fortunately, that’s not what sales is about.

What Being a Salesperson is Really About

Sales is about solving problems. It’s about building relationships and helping people change their lives for the better. It’s a noble profession you can be proud of when you have the right mindset.Think of a good salesperson as a guide. They get to know the customer, understand what they need, what they want and then guide them to the right product.

Often, when someone says they “can’t sell” or they “don’t want to”, it’s because they’re thinking about sales the wrong way. Change the perspective, see sales as being helpful and it changes everything.

The Sales Hunter has outlined 4 things you can do today to help overcome this feeling of “I can’t Sell”:

If you believe you can’t sell, here are the 4 things you need to do starting right now:

1. View what you do as helping others achieve their goals.

2. View each encounter you have as an ability to build a relationship.

3. Quit thinking what you need to do is have a sales presentation and start having conversations with the other person built around asking questions.

4. Never leave any conversation without having earned the right, privilege, honor and respect to meet with that person again. – Curated from http://thesaleshunter.com/4-things-you-can-do-to-overcome-the-belief-that-you-cant-sell/


Understand that sales is about communication, building relationships and helping people. When you change your perspective you’ll find that you can sell and more importantly you want to!



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