How to Make Way More Money Cross Selling

The ABCs of Cross Selling

Today’s show is brought to you by the letters A, B , C and X because we’re talking about cross selling today and the fundamentals that make it a big money maker for you.  

On today’s show discover:

  • …how cross selling benefits everyone, especially you;
  • …how to cross sell without making your customer cross;
  • …and a simple proven method for cross selling more and making more commission today!

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What is cross selling?

Cross selling is offering your customer another product that either enhances the product they are buying or addresses another need you uncover during your conversation.

For example, you work at a sporting goods store and Bob comes in to buy a bicycle. You sell Bob the perfect bike and then offer a helmet, a water bottle, and a tool kit for fixing a flat on the road. They’re all excellent cross selling ideas and  any of them would enhance Bob’s experience with his new bike.

Now, during your conversation you find out that Bob has a 3 year old daughter and as a result he only gets to bike on the weekends. You hold on to that information and after you’ve sold Bob the bike you cross sell a trailer built specifically for toddlers so Bob can take his daughter with him and bike more often.

This is another excellent example of cross selling. When you cross sell from a “helpful” point of view it’s appreciated by your customer. The only time cross selling makes a customer “cross” is when you’re just piling on stuff for the sake of piling on more stuff.

Who benefits when you cross sell?

Cross selling is an important part of the sales process because it provides a positive customer experience and maximizes your opportunity at the same time. It’s a win for the customer, you and your company!

In the earlier example you offered a bike trailer to Bob to solve a problem. It wasn’t the main reason he came to see you but you discovered that he’d like to bike more but can’t because he’s often taking care of his 3 year old.

By cross selling the trailer you helped Bob solve a problem, increased revenue for your store and made more commission for yourself. It’s a Win Win Win!

As you can see, when it’s done well, cross selling is a positive experience but  sometimes it’s forgetting to cross sell that can make a customer cross….  

Many years ago I bought my first computer and I drove over 3 hours to get it. I was really excited and the salesperson was great, very helpful and knowledgable. While I was at the store I decided I should buy a printer too. The Salesperson helped me select the right one and made a great sale, new computer and printer.

As a new computer user I assumed that either the computer or the printer would come with the necessary cable. Unfortunately, when I got home, all excited to play with my new computer and printer, I found no cable and….the great experience I had at the store…went south. I was frustrated.  Your customer is counting you. You’re the expert, you know what you have that might help….always be on the lookout for an opportunity to offer a cross sell and a solution.

The ABCs of X-selling

Let’s talk about some of the basics components that make up a successful xsell presentation. These are as easy to remember as A B C.

A stands for After You Close

This is the absolute best time to offer an additional item. Cross selling is all about riding that wave of momentum. Before you close,  your customer is thinking about one thing….should I buy the main item or not? That’s a BIG decision….and once they’ve said yes to the BIG decision, smaller decisions are much easier to say yes to. It’s why car dealers wait until after you buy the car to talk about rust proofing and road-side assistance.

Attempting to x-sell before you close can confuse your customer and confusion equals no sale. So stay focused on closing your main item first; then move on to cross selling.  

B – Stands for Be Brief and Assumptive

Remember it’s all about momentum and maintaining excitement. If excitement is fire,  A long drawn out presentation is water because it can extinguish enthusiasm.

So keep it brief and be assumptive. Assume your customer will say yes and that they’ll benefit from the additional items you’ll offer.

C – Stands for Close! 

Over the years I’ve heard many great x-sell presentations fall flat simply because we forgot to close. Again, it’s all about the momentum….make your presentation and flow right into the close.

So let’s put the ABCs together and “C” how it sounds.

After we close on the main item a  brief presentation like this will help maintain excitement.

“Tammy, a lot of my customers who enjoy Dr. Skinny’s protein shake meal replacement also get great benefits from  his snack wafers. The wafers help curb those in between hunger cravings while you’re on the go and support the healthy weight loss you’re looking for.  Because you’ve ordered today I’ll include a matching three month supply for only 53.47 with no additional shipping and handling, okay?”  

Did you notice how brief that was? Even though it was brief there were some important things conveyed during the presentation.

By saying “a lot of my customers…” you’re using a third party endorsement and for most of us, if others are doing it, we want to do it to0! You also built value by letting Tammy know how the xsell would benefit her by helping curb hunger cravings and ultimately supporting the healthy weightloss she wants.

Did you notice how assumptive it was?

Rather than say something like “‘If you want to try these I can add them for just….” (which sounds like we’re not really sure if she’ll want them or not) you said “I’ll include them for just….” (which is much more assumptive….it’s like saying once I explain how well these work everyone wants me to include them so I’ll do that for you too…)

Finally, the close was simply one word, okay? When you say okay? Most of the time your customer will respond okay. The same is true for alright, alright? okay, okay  If they don’t say okay or alright they might say something like “No, I think I’ll just stay with the weight loss shakes for now”

Either way they’ll appreciate you letting them know. Why? because you offered something that helps enhance the main product they are buying or solves another problem they have.

X-Sell without Fear

Which brings up another point. Some salespeople are afraid to offer cross sells. Their fear, is that if they offer another product (after the sale) the customer may cancel the whole thing.

If you approach x-selling as offering the customer something that helps enhance the item they just purchased or solves another problem they aren’t going to cancel the sale, even if they turn down the cross sell.  

I mean how many customers are going to say…

“What? How dare you offer me another thing that would help me out….forget it cancel the whole thing.”

Right…almost no one. In fact, in over 30 years in sales I’ve only seen it happen a couple of times and even then I’m not convinced it was really the x-sell that caused the customer to change their mind. It is REALLY RARE.

Two Proven Methods for X-selling More

1. X-sell every time you make a sale.

Don’t pick and choose who to cross sell and who to skip. It really should be up to the customer to decide anyway, right? So offer a x-sell every time and two things will happen…you’ll cross sell more and you’ll get better at it (which also means you’ll cross sell more).

2.Include a matching supply or  more than one x-sell.

Why? because it provides you with an easy fall back position. It might sound like this:

YOU: “Tammy, a lot of my customers who enjoy Dr. Skinny’s protein shake meal replacement also get great benefits from his snack wafers. The wafers help curb those in between hunger cravings while you’re on the go and support the healthy weight loss you’re looking for.  Because you’ve ordered today I’ll include a matching three month supply for only 53.47 with no additional shipping and handling, okay?”  

TAMMY: “No, I think I’ll just stick with the protein shake for now”

YOU: “I understand, I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll include one bottle so you can give them a try, it’s just 17.82 and no additional shipping, alright?”

TAMMY: “alright”

When you offer a matching supply a good number of customers will accept your initial offer, which means you just increased your commission. Also, a good number of those who decline will accept your fall back offer, which also means you’re x-selling more. Using this method you’ll increase your cross sells and make more money this year, guaranteed!

So remember your cross selling ABCS

  • A: Cross sell AFTER YOU CLOSE on the main item
  • B: Be Brief and Assumptive
  • C: and Close the Xsell

Offer every time and whenever you can offer a matching supply so you have  a fall back position.  Cross selling is a win for your customer, your company and you!

Today’s One Two Punch:

Offer a X-sell Every time to make more money

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