The Customer Connection How to Build Customer Relationships

Build a Sincere Customer Connection

To make a purchase, customers need to trust you and that requires a connection. Learn how to build customer relationships, establish rapport and a sincere connection throughout the sales process. In the end, the trust and relationships you build will allow you to provide superior service and excel in sales.

Rapport Idea

One great way to begin establishing rapport is to find out where your customer is from and make a real and truthful connection. The best way to become comfortable and know how to build customer relationships is to practice.  Download “A New York State of Mind” and list a connection for each of the 50 states. How many can you make a “real” connection to?

Empathic Listening

Express Empathy and empathic listeningAnother important aspect of building and strengthening your customer’s connection is to express empathy and be a strong active listener. Again practice is required to master the art of listening and a great way to do it is to have a friend read you a story from the newspaper. As you listen, jot down key points so when they are done you can paraphrase, in your own words, what the story was about.

Additionally, express how you think the main characters in the story may be feeling. This is exactly what you can do with your customers to build your connection. Customers love to be heard and understood.

Supportive and Empowering Responses

supportive and empowering responsesWhen you respond in a supportive way, that empowers your customer you strengthen your rapport and connection. Help your customer make a good decision and applaud their efforts.

The Customer as Your Primary Focus

The big secret to being successful and knowing how to build customer relationships in sales is to have a sincere desire to help them. When your customer is your primary focus everything else will follow.

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