Why You Should Come Out of Your Shell and Grow for It

Growth is a Choice

Were you aware that the exact same thing that causes a lobster to grow and develop is what causes you and I to grow and develop? For lobsters growth isn’t an option but for you and me personal development is simply a choice. If you want to be further ahead next year than you are right now it’s a choice worth making.

On today’s show discover:

  • … that what triggers a lobster to grow is also a trigger for your personal development.
  • … how knowing what it is and embracing it can make you more successful than you ever imagined.

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lobsterI recently heard an interesting story by Dr. Abraham Twerski about how a Lobster grows.  As a native mainer, I’m a little embarrassed to admit I never gave the growth and development of a lobster very much consideration. You know a lobster is really just a squishy sea creature that lives in a hard-shell. The problem is that while the squishy lobster expands the hard shell doesn’t.  

So as the lobster inside grows it begins to feel confined, it starts getting cramped and things start getting uncomfortable. So what does he do? He finds a rock (for protection), says goodbye to his old shell and starts growing a new one. Then over time the new shell becomes confining and uncomfortable, he finds another rock, says goodbye to the new shell and grows a newer one. And this process continues over and over again.

What’s the Trigger?

So the trigger that let’s the lobster know it’s time to grow is that feeling of being uncomfortable. Even though it’s probably scary to cast of his old shell he knows he has to grow a new one. No doubt he also feels vulnerable without it but he finds a rock that provides temporary protection.

It’s the same for you. If you want to grow you need to cast off your old comfortable ways of doing things. You’ll feel uncomfortable and even a bit vulnerable when you do it but it’s necessary  in order to grow.  Stick with what’s comfortable, and you’ll never grow. Continue doing the same things you’re doing today and there is little chance that you’ll be better in a year, five years or even 10 years.

You need to ask yourself what do you want? Do you want

  • to advance your career;
  • make more sale;
  • help more people;
  • take home bigger paychecks;
  • have a bigger house;
  • travel;
  • live the life of your dreams?

If you do, you have to grow and do those things that are uncomfortable for you now.

What Do You Do?

Chances are you know exactly what those things are.

  • Perhaps it’s going three deep when a customer objects;
  • Having a conversation about your customer’s emotional needs;
  • Communicating empathy;
  • Or having a deeper conversation with your customer;  
  • Maybe you’re not comfortable asking for the sale;
  • Or that technique your trainer keeps sharing with you.  

Just as the Lobster has a rock protecting him while he’s growing, you have your coach and your training team. Use them for encouragement and let them hold you accountable for making progress. You’ll find that the “uncomfortable” phase doesn’t last long and before you know it you’ve grown a new shell and you’re better for it.  

Thomas Edison said

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

So what are you waiting for? Trade in your old shell for a new one and astound yourself.

Today’s One Two Punch

Get Uncomfortable and Grow for it!

BONUS: Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski On Responding To Stress


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