Embrace Your Inner Baby and Sell More

A Skill You’ve Had Since You Were a Baby

Ever heard anyone say “she’s a born salesperson or he was born to sell”….maybe they’ve even said that about you? Well, I don’t know whether you were born to sell or not but there is a skill we all learn shortly after we’re born that top salespeople use everyday to excel in sales……

On Today’s Show You’ll discover…

  • … how something you’ve done since you were a baby can help you build stronger rapport with your customers;
  • … help you have a greater understanding of what your they want;
  • … and help you close more sales with a variety of different customer types.

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What is Mirroring

Mirroring is when one person adopts the physical and verbal behaviors of another. You know, things like like facial expressions, body language, rate of speech, phrases, volume and even the rate of someone’s  breathing…these are all things that we subconsciously mirror with people who are close to us.

So how does mirroring help you build rapport?

In sales you use mirroring to improve the communication with your customer. When you’re speaking in a way your customer prefers they feel more comfortable and can clearly focus on what you’re saying without being distracted.

It’s important to remember that mirroring is not about copying the customer, it’s about adopting a subtle change in your communication style that matches their style.

Five Ways to Mirror Your Customer

  1. Body Language
  2. Rate of Speech
  3. Loudness
  4. Tone
  5. Keywords and Phrasing

You can learn to mirror people even when they’re style is very different than yours. When you do, you’ll improve your ability to connect naturally. When you make a strong connection and you’re communicating on the same level your chances of making the sale go WAY UP!

Today’s One Two Punch

Mirror Your Customer to Improve Communication and Make More Sales

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