10 Effective Ways to Maximize Down Time at Work

Maximize Down Time at Work

Downtime is a fact of life in sales. Sure, you would love to be busy with customers all the time but that’s not always possible. Downtime is an opportunity to hone your skills and stay sharp so that you can make the most of those times when you do have customers. Here are 10 things you can do during down time to hone your skills and prepare to maximize your next opportunity.

  1. Review the advertising and information that drive customers to you. What are the key phrases, benefits or unique selling propositions that are working to create a sense of urgency? How can you incorporate those same things into your presentations?
  2. Review customer testimonials.  Reading through customer testimonials and familiarizing yourself with real life experiences can be very helpful when you have a customer on the fence. It can also help you feel confident about the efficacy of the products you sell.
  3. Listen to other sales people. You can pick up some interesting new information or strategies by watching what other sales people do. Watch and listen for what works and do that. Hear something that doesn’t work? ah…..don’t do that!
  4. Review Product Information. No matter how long you’ve been selling a product you’d be surprised what a fresh run through the information will turn up. Maybe there’s a forgotten feature or benefit that could make your next sale.   
  5. If you work in a call center, review your sales scripts. Professionals use scripts all the time but sound perfectly natural, how? They practice. If you work in retail practice your presentation so it’s smooth and consistent.
  6. Work with a colleague on your rebuttal techniques. Jot down the objections you have the hardest time with and practice with each other.
  7. Pick a product and see how many items you could make a x-sell connection to.
  8. Read sales articles like this one and others like these.
  9. Listen to Sales related podcasts. Browse through our back catalog here.
  10. Volunteer to help a new sales person. Teaching someone is a great way to “up your game”


11 . Review “54 Sales Tips to Punch Up Your Sales” and try something new 🙂

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The more skill and knowledge you have the more money you’ll make this year! There are plenty of resources available to help you be your best. Take advantage of slower periods and make an investment in yourself. The time you put into improving your skills and knowledge will pay off for you in the end!

What other things have you done to improve your skills during down time? Share your tips with others and leave a comment below.



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