How to Make Control Buyers Your Favorite Type of Customer

Control Buyers

For many salespeople, control buyers are the most challenging….but they don’t need to be.  

On today’s show discover:

  • … where control buyers are coming from so you have a better understanding and appreciation for their approach;
  • …how to tell if you’re interacting with a control buyer so you can respond appropriately;
  • …some ideas for successfully selling to control buyers!  

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Where do Control buyers come from?

Many control buyers are aggressive and their take charge attitude has a lot do with a fear of being disrespected, bullied or taken advantage of. It really has nothing to do with you they’ve just learned that the best way to deal with salespeople is to come out swinging.

What’s the best way to handle a Control buyer?

The worst thing you can do is react forcefully…it’s only going to confirm their fears and cause them to get more aggressive. A better approach is to show them you’re different.

Show them:

  • You’re respectful
  • You aren’t going to bully them
  • and you certainly aren’t going to take advantage of them….

Show them they have nothing to fear from you.

Characteristics of Control buyers

Control buyers may:

  • seem aggressive;
  • they might interrupt;
  • and may even come right out and say something like “Look, I don’t have a lot of time so here’s how this is going to go….”
  • get right to the point;
  • look for immediate results;
  • focus on positives,
  • be logical,
  • efficient and
  • may like making choices.

They ask good questions and expect straight-forward, logical answers. Most of all they need to feel they have control of the process.

More ways to connect with Control buyers

  • Get right to the point
  • Stress Quick Results
  • Answer Questions Directly
  • Follow answers with logical questions
  • Let them feel they have control

Today’s one two punch

Adjust your approach for more success with control buyers

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