Will You Agree to Make More Sales?

So Simple Yet Overlooked

It’s one of the easiest yet most overlooked steps in sales and leaving it out could be costing you thousands of dollars in commission each year.

On today’s show discover:

  • … the best way to keep your customer in an agreeable state of mind;
  • … how to maintain and strengthen rapport even when your customer disagrees;
  • … how to avoid contradicting yourself and successfully overcome more objections.

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How to Keep Your Sales Healthy – Part 1

Keep Your Sales in Good Health

For true long term sales success you need to keep your process healthy but just like in real-life, sometimes you find yourself “under the weather”.

On today’s show discover:

  • … common issues that can leave your best efforts weak and tired;
  • … and proven remedies to get back on your game and your sales back to good health

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Mini Goals within the Sales Process

Each step of the sales process builds on the step that came before. Each step has a goal and related behaviors that help you achieve it. With each “mini goal” accomplished you continue on toward the close and another satisfied customer! An easy way to remember the steps is CLOSE.

C = Customer Greeting

L = Listen for Needs and Hot Buttons

O = Offer Benefits

S = Sale Presentation

E = End with Extras

The following infographic helps illustrate the process, the goals at each step and the behaviors that will help you achieve your goal and ultimately CLOSE the sale.


The Sales Process

Hot Buttons Everybody Has One

The Thing You Love The Most

If you had the entire day off, paid and you could do anything what would you do? You know for fun, just for you?

On today’s show discover:

  • … that everyone has a hot button;
  • … why finding your customer’s hot button is so important;
  • …and how connecting with the emotional reason they want your product can make the entire sales process much easier!

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