How to Stand Out with the Best Customer Experience

Best Customer Experience

Competition is great for customers but what about you? How do you stand-out and convince your customer that buying from you is the best option? Well, on today’s show you’ll discover…

  • …why price isn’t the only thing customers consider when deciding where to buy;
  • …how to standout above the competition;  
  • …and ideas for improving your customer’s experience.

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Why is customer experience so important?

When a customer is faced with a choice of where to buy a product it’s their experience that’s often the deciding factor. It’s even more important than the price. In fact, a study by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs found that 80% of U.S. consumers would pay more for a product or service to ensure a superior customer experience. And a big part of that experience is you.

Look at LL Bean, for example, they’re a retail giant but why? Is it because they have the lowest prices? No, in fact most of the time buying a product at LL Bean is far more expensive than buying the same thing elsewhere and yet Bean’s is always crowded and posting big sales numbers.

It’s about the customer experience, it’s the atmosphere and the salespeople that make the difference. Bean’s sales staff are friendly, knowledgeable and go out of their way to help you. They aren’t focused on making the sale, they just want to help you find the right thing.

Ok, that all makes sense but how does this information benefit you and your sales career? Well, the vast majority of people working in sales are lacking the skills they need to be successful and as a result, the average customer experience is poor.  

Think about your own experiences. How many times have you encountered a fantastic and memorable salesperson? (if you’re like me it’s pretty rare…but they do make an impression!)

Beat The Competition

The good news? It’s not that hard to standout, create a great customer experience and be a memorable salesperson. Here are a few easy things you can do that will automatically put you head and shoulders above the competition.

1- Be Friendly and show Your Appreciation.

Say hello, please and thank you. Have a smile in your voice and be someone, someone would want to talk too.

It’s amazing how many salespeople just aren’t that friendly. In fact, a survey conducted by CCMC  found that  80% of customers said they wanted to be thanked for their business but only 33% received words of appreciation

So, be friendly and show some appreciation to get a leg up on the majority of other salespeople out there.

2- Be Personable

Give your name and ask your customer for theirs. Customer’s appreciate a more personal interaction. Sir and Mam make it cold, too formal and impersonal. So what should you call them? Well, it’s all about how they introduce themselves to you.

If you say…Hi I’m Steve, what’s your name? and they say Brad;  call them Brad.

If they say, Mr. Johnson call them Mr. Johnson.  

3 – Be an Attentive, Good Listener

Imagine calling about a product, the phone rings and a salesperson answers. While you’re asking questions about the product they’re kicked back in their chair, with a headset on, thumbing through a newspaper and saying things like “uh -huh”, “go on” , “I see” That’s the competition….not attentive, not focused and not listening to the customer. (by the way….customers can tell…even over the phone!)

When you give your customer your undivided attention, really listen and work to understand them it sets you apart. It let’s your customer know that they are important. In fact, they are the most important part of your job! Customers want to be heard and understood so be an attentive, good listener.

4- Focus on Helping Rather than Selling

If you’ve ever talked with a salesperson who was just out to sell you something you know how unpleasant it is. If you’re like me, you probably didn’t buy either. When you put your focus and attention on trying to help your customer rather than on trying to make the sale two amazing things happen….you improve the customer experience and you make more sales… go figure!

5 -Be the Customer

Remember how Ty told Danny to “Be the Ball” to improve his putting in Caddyshack? Well, the sales version of that is “Be the Customer” and I’ve got a fun way for you to do it… It’s called “How did it feel” and all you have to do is go “be the customer”.

Here’s how it works… stop by a store on your way home from work tonight or call in on an infomercial you see this weekend. You don’t need to buy anything, just focus on what it’s like to be the customer. You’ll either have a great experience or a not so great experience but in either case you’ll come away with something valuable.   

Now, make a list and focus on what the salesperson did or didn’t do that shaped your impression. If you had a great experience incorporate the things you liked into your customer interactions. If the experience wasn’t that good avoid those things. Either way you now have a road map for providing a memorable experience.

It’s the Little Things.

Now look at your list and you’ll probably see that the road to a memorable customer experience is paved with little details. Small things like…

  • Be Friendly
  • Smile
  • Show Appreciation
  • Be Attentive
  • Be Personable
  • Be a good listener
  • Have empathy
  • Focus on helping

One big mistake the competition makes is dismissing these things as insignificant but when you put them all together they create that memorable customer experience.

It’s the sum of these little details that keep your customer coming back to you, and can even cause your customer to pay a little more because they feel they’re getting more value. These are the things that differentiate one salesperson from another and that can influence your customer to choose to buy from you.

Today’s One Two Punch:

  1. Provide a memorable customer experience

  2. to beat the competition  

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