8 Ideas to Start Your Sales Day Right

Start Your Day Off Right

We’ve all been there, some days you’re just not into it and it’s hard to get motivated. But what separates top sales professionals for everyone else is their ability to rise to the challenge everyday, stay focused and make it happen.

On today’s show discover:

  • …8 tips for starting your day off right;
  • … and how to get motivated for a great sales day, even when you don’t feel like it.

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Tip 1 – Take Care of Your Basic Needs

Basic Needs BreakfastNo doubt you’ve heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It says that until your basic needs are met you can’t move on to bigger and better things. Think about the last time you were REALLY hungry, at a certain point getting something to eat became your primary focus, even to the point where nothing else mattered!

If you’re hungry, feel rushed, feel tired or drained it’s going to impact your sales ability. Sales is about transferring your enthusiasm to your customer and if you’re focused on other things you won’t be giving your customer your best.

This tip starts even before your day does. Make sure you get plenty of rest, eat well and take care of other things so that you can give your total focus, energy and enthusiasm to your customers.

Tip 2 – Dress for Success

The way you dress can impact the way you feel and that can impact your actions. When you look good, you feel good. You’ll make a better first impression, you’ll have more energy and more confidence. (by the way it even works when you sell on the phone!)

Tip 3 – Get to Work on Time

45 seconds for a first impressionNot only are your co-workers and customers counting on you to be there, when you get to work on time (or even a little early) it allows you to more peacefully roll into your day. It’s good for your mindset and helps you start the day with a feeling of accomplishment.

When you get to work at the last second you need to rush around frantically which can provide a not so favorable impression and can throw off the rest of your day.

Tip 4 – Take Five

At the beginning of the day it’s important to take a few minutes to settle in, take a deep breath or two, relax and prepare to get started. It’s remarkable how taking a few minutes to relax and settle in can set a positive tone for your entire day.

A great habit to get into during this time is to reflect back on a recent success. Think about a great interaction you’ve had. What were the questions you asked?  How did you approach your customer?  What did you say and how did you say it? It not only reinforces the good things you’re doing but it helps put you in a positive frame of mind which will support future success.

Tip 5 Get organized

Alexandra Levit, the author of Blind Spots: “The 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success” says that clearing off your desk and creating a neat and organized work-space is another excellent way to set a positive tone for the rest of your day.

#6 Make Time to Learn

Sales Coach PodcastTop professionals are always learning, for them it never stops (that’s why they are so good). Not too long ago, this meant setting time aside to read a sales book or attend a seminar, but now with the popularity of smartphones consuming content has never been easier! Why not use your morning commute to listen to audio books, or sales and marketing podcasts like this one? Perhaps you could even check out a short youtube video during a break (by the way kosalescoach.net/youtube has a number of short two minute videos that won’t even consume your whole break)!

#7 Find a Reason to Smile

Start your day off with a smile. Check out a funny video, or share a joke with a friend. Smiling can change your mood, make you feel more positive and let’s customers know you’re approachable. People can even hear your smile over the phone so get in the habit of finding something to smile about everyday!

Here are some funny sales quotes that might keep you smiling.

#8 Visualize Your Day

Have you ever seen an Olympic skier preparing for a run? Often, you’ll see them standing at the top of the hill with their eyes closed, moving their hands down an imaginary course. They’re visualizing the run they’re about to have. Visualization is that powerful! Try it for yourself visualize your day, how’s it going to go, what will it feel like, see yourself celebrating a big sale!

So even when you don’t feel like it, follow these 8 tips to set yourself up for a successful and rewarding sales day:

  1. Take care of your basic needs
  2. Dress for Success
  3. Get to Work on Time
  4. Take Five
  5. Get organized
  6. Make Time to Learn
  7. Find a Reason to Smile
  8. Visualize Your Day

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Prepare Ahead and Set Yourself Up for Success

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